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Medical Weight Loss

Sometimes, weight gain can be out of your control. Learn how we can help with medical weight loss methods.

What is Medical Weight Loss?

Medical weight loss is a nonsurgical option for those wanting to lose weight in a safe, effective and personalized way. Medical weight loss combines prescription medications with lifestyle changes, and it is customized to meet the patient’s specific needs and treatment goals. You will meet with both a Medical provider who specializes in medical weight loss and a certified functional health coach. Collectively we determine a treatment plan that includes medication and continuous personalized coaching on diet, exercise, and other behavior modifications. Health coaching also addresses the mental and emotional barriers to losing weight.

About Weight Loss Medication

There are a number of medications used to assist patients with weight loss and they can only be prescribed by a licensed health care provider. As part of your initial consultation, Kimberly Losik, NP, will determine which medication is best for you.

Many of these medications were originally approved for another condition, such as diabetes, but were later found to also help with weight loss and long-term management of that weight loss. Weight Loss medications work by decreasing appetite which allows patients to better focus on their lifestyle changes with diet and exercise.

Meet Your Providers

Kimberly Losik

Nurse Practitioner

While working in internal medicine, I found myself feeling discouraged by how many of my patients struggled with weight loss or maintaining a healthy weight. This not only impacted their physical health, but also their mental and emotional well-being. I began researching, educating, and implementing medical weight loss into my practice and the result of that has progressively grown into something really positive, exciting and better than I imagined it would be.

When someone starts to feel better about themselves, both physically and mentally, it has a positive domino effect in all areas of their life. Their relationship with a significant other, family and friends improves, they are more productive at home and in their career, and they are motivated to excel in other areas of their life. My favorite part of this process is when someone is losing weight, they walk in a little taller, smile more, and for lack of a better word just glow. I can tell someone has lost weight just by the way they carry themselves at a follow up appointment, and it’s simply the best.

Nikki Anderson

DPT, Cert-DN, Functional Health Coach

It didn’t take me long after becoming a physical therapist to recognize how important it was to treat the whole body. I knew that I was missing out on results by not addressing lifestyle habits, sleep, stress and nutrition. I also recognized that a majority of my client’s pain and impairments were linked to diseases that had resulted from being overweight. I quickly pursued a health coaching certification in order to serve my clients with a whole body approach. By focusing on stress relief, nutrition, exercise, sleep, et, we are able to accomplish goals faster and create sustainable lifestyle habits that will last for a lifetime. Your results will spill over into all other areas of your life, building on motivation and results. Seeing clients reach their goals and set their sights higher is the greatest satisfaction I could have as a provider. I can’t wait to start this journey with you and see you empowered by wellness!


What to Expect


At your first visit you will meet with our nurse or medical assistant to obtain your vitals and medical history. You will then meet with Nurse Practitioner Kim Losik to determine if you are a candidate for medical weight loss and to determine which medication is best.


You will also meet with Nikki, our Functional Health coach for a one on one session to further help you reach your weight loss goals and maintain new habits to keep the weight off. Once treatment is initiated, You will follow up with Kim monthly and with Nikki twice a month for the duration of your weight loss treatment.


Visit intervals may be extended if weight loss goals are achieved and we switch to maintenance treatment. If you are started on an injectable medication, You will come into the office weekly for your injection. We offer extended hours on certain days of the week to accommodate most people’s busy schedules.


Real Weight Loss Stories

Why Choose Horizon Med Spa & Wellness?

Through the years, we’ve found that typically the biggest challenge associated with weight loss isn’t necessarily losing the weight but maintaining it. Our program focuses on making this a lifelong positive change. We incorporate medication in addition to dedicated functional health coaching which I promise is well worth your investment. Most other providers prescribe medication and neglect to address core elements that affect maintaining this type of change. We are invested in helping you love the skin you are in and feel confident about feeling your best for a lifetime. Patients typically lose from 5-15lbs per month. Losing weight too quickly significantly increases the risk of rebound weight gain, which is a common problem with crash diets and some aggressive appetite suppressants. We do offer complimentary 15-minute consults to determine if you are a candidate for our program and to answer any questions you may have. We cannot wait to meet you and get started!

We’re excited to work with you!  Do you have any questions or concerns, or want to schedule a consultation?  Use our form below, or call us – we’re happy to talk to you!